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video by Tomas Overtoom



During a one week residency at Lovelee, one of Amsterdam’s many empty nightclub venues, Charlotte and fellow artist Elysanne Schuurman hosted a creative take-over, showcasing illustration, poetry and an artistic short film.


Born out of the disconnect of social distancing, ‘Form Force’ explores a process of getting back in touch with the world through depicting the human form. With dancers as models, movement flowed in fluid lines over paper and perspex, transcending the restrictions imposed in reality. Additionally, artist Emmy-Koos Meijer responded to the process in poetry, illustrating in words the space between lovers unable to connect. The final contributor was the audience, watching live online - demonstrating the irrepressible capacity for connection in a time of physical distance.


As the lockdown restrictions slowly eased, Lovelee opened its doors for one weekend. A Form Force exhibition was held, with a limited amount of guests, displaying elegant nude portraits and painted perspex sculptures. To celebrate the occasion, Emmy-Koos performed sensual poetry; Charlotte and Elysanne invited the dancers back to pose for a life drawing session that the audience could take part in; and in collaboration with filmmaker Tomas Overtoom, the event was captured for an artistic short film

All the artworks are available in the webshop

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